Nozomi PLC is a thriving company listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange (7NO.F – ISIN: GB00B3QXH026) specializing in renewable energies. Primary objective of Nozomi is to actively contribute to the development of renewable and alternative energy production.
Founded at the beginning of 2011, Nozomi PLC provides its customers with state-of-the-art technology and services for hydro, wind, and solar energy production plants.
Nozomi PLC has been able to attract talented and experienced executives to its management team, thanks to the many opportunities offered by the energy sector and to its unique projects and products.

Nozomi PLC is also specialized in the production of Jatropha oil, especially in the Philippines. The oil extracted from Jatropha seed is of particular interest for the energy market: it is an excellent fuel and has great potential both for transportation and for energy production. The development of an efficient production and distribution infrastructure of Jatropha oil will play a key role in establishing its presence in the fuel sector – an industry that will become even more significant in the near future.