Nozomi: a place in the future

Nozomi Plc holds a unique position in the energy market.

Technical and regulatory guarantees

All the projects – for which Nozomi Plc has exclusive concession – have already obtained the required authorizations by local and energy authorities. The technical and financial aspects of the projects have been thoroughly analyzed and the production plants can be put in operation in a short period of time – also thanks to a flexible allocation of resources.

Rapidly-growing markets

The projects in which Nozomi Plc has chosen to invest are located in regions in which (1) the demand for energy is growing at a fast pace and (2) renewable energy sources are still underexploited. The initial markets in which the company will invest are Italy, Romania, Albania and Greece.

Know-how and reliability

The projects selected by the management team of Nozomi Plc include med-sized production plants that are stable and economically viable. Nozomi Plc has budgeted a total EUR 1,055m: EUR 332m for hydropower projects, EUR 400m for solar plants and EUR 323 for wind farms. Estimated average returns on investments range between 15% and 16%.

Bio fuels: a competitive solutions from Jatropha oil

Bio fuels will be the unique specialty of Nozomi Plc. The company has started and exclusive project in Asia for the production of fuels from the oil extracted by Jatropha seeds . For its bio-chemichal characteristics Jatropha offers an energy efficient and economically compelling alternative to other bio fuels.

In the space of a few years, energy policies have acquired a fundamental political dimension. Renewable energy production does not only mean safeguarding the future of the planet: it is has become an economic necessity. According to studies conducted by REN21, between 2004 and 2009 technologies for the production of “clean” energy have surged with annual growth rates between 10% and 60%. In the commodity market price is the single driving factor. An environmentally-conscious approach represents a major and distinctive competitive advantage in the relationship with consumers and authorities. Renewable energy technologies are free from the dynamics of fossil fuels, are linked to local economies and guarantee stable energy outputs allowing for predictable and consistent returns and financial programs. Nozomi Plc’s financial plan has been set out without considering the non-repayable funding programs of the European Union and the national incentive schemes for renewable energies: these are all elements which are subject to political changes, but which shall certainly help to increase the business profitability.